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What we do.

We enhance the human capacity to acknowledge, mitigate and adapt to climate change through an understanding and application of various depth psychologies, as well as bring awareness as to the mental health implications of climate change.


Our Mission

We promote vital psychological shifts in our relationship with our ecosystem. Broadly, these are the shifts from dominance, to partnership; from avoidance, to connection; and from invulnerability, to the acceptance of our physical and psychological dependence upon the earth and its ecosystems. We strive to help mental health clinicians as we face these shifts within ourselves, and within the populations we serve, in developing more balanced, sustainable lives and communities.

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Why did the lamp go out?
I shaded it with my cloak to save it
from the wind, that is why the lamp went out.
Why did the flower fade?
I pressed it to my heart with anxious
love, that is why the flower faded.
Why did the stream dry up?
I put a dam across it to have it for
my use, that is why the stream dried up.
Why did the harp-string break?
I tried to force a note that was
beyond its power, that is why the harp-string is broken.

rabindranath tagore (as quoted in soil, soul society:
A trinity for our time
by satish kumar)